Executive coaching

Supports leaders to clarify goals, tailor strategies, ways of working, mindsets and sharpen skills. My coaching provides insights into how others perceive us to help identify what we might need to change in order to achieve our goals. Coaching supports leaders to build presence, influence, effective ways of working and to take strategic decisions about their business or career.


Team development

Re-ignites teams around a common purpose, more effective collaboration and deeper trust. Coaching offers teams support to collectively set goals, be honest about the situation, adopt new cultures and deepen appreciation for diversity. My coaching provides insights into different personality types, preferences and team formation to help identify what needs to change. Team development enables teams to collaborate more effectively.


Leadership workshops

Bespoke leadership training for senior and mid-level managers based on the client’s needs. I use a mix of training and coaching techniques to support participants to build confidence and the right mindsets to use the leadership skills.