Having spent over 17 years in the energy sector, sustainability matters to me. Taylor Macpherson was founded because the key to this is people. If we can inspire, support and empower people to innovate and embrace change, we can achieve great things. Sustainability of our planet for future generations and in the way we work and live our lives for our well-being today.


Success is meaningless if it is not sustainable. I work with clients to clarify what success means for them and their business, to develop new strategies and ways of working and to embed them. I help clients to see how others might perceive them, to challenge unhelpful beliefs or behaviours and to become great leaders.


I am an accredited executive coach with clients from start-ups, regulated companies, consultancies and the public sector. I also work with boards as a non-executive director. Prior to founding Taylor Macpherson I was a director at FTI Consulting and the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets; experiencing many of the opportunities and challenges facing my clients today.


Pamela Taylor