More on coaching

Benefits of coaching and training

On goals, objectives and purpose for your career or business; on what is holding you back and what you might need to change to achieve your goals.

Leaders inspire, motivate and empower others. Coaching and training equip leaders with the skills and mindsets to do this.

Understand and connect with colleagues and clients; handle difficult situations with greater ease and increase your influence.

Create open and innovative cultures, adopt new ways of working and re-ignite your business.

People are your greatest asset. If you motivate and support them change will happen!


A non-judgemental space

Active listening, thought-provoking questions and constructive challenge

Observations to help you see how others perceive you

Support to tailor strategies and new ways of working 

Being held to account for your actions


Q: Isn’t this all a bit touch feely?

A: Coaching is about making change. It is goal focused and holds you and your leaders to account. By helping you to understand what might be blocking you or others, it enables success.

Q: Isn’t this too formal for my business?

A: Coaching is a conversation that we can all learn how to have. It uses listening, questioning and observational techniques to support people to find out what works for them. It can be used with colleagues, clients and at home to build trust and reveal new ideas!


Every potential client is offered a free 1-hour chemistry session to find out more about my approach to coaching and to determine whether I am the right coach for them.